Bollywood Glamour

Mrunalee Patil weds Milan Mehta, November 10, 2010, Atlanta Botanical Garden

For Mrunalee Patil and Milan Mehta, all it took was three cents. “We had known each other for several years, but one day I asked him for three cents for my lunch in the cafeteria,” says Patil, who was in residency with Mehta at Emory University. A LinkedIn message followed the next day, asking her to coffee.

”We knew after our first date that we just clicked and were going to get married,” says Patil. A little over a year later, the pair traded vows at a traditional Indian ceremony held at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. “Most Indian weddings are at hotels,” says Patil. “We wanted a glamorous Bollywood wedding with natural decor and flowers.”

Her family in particular put a lot of hard work into the wedding, going the do-it-yourself route with invitations and party favors. “My parents joke that it was the Patil assembly line that put the decor together,” says Patil. Mehta’s parents chose the date and time of the wedding based on religious calendars, and the couple had a traditional Vedic ceremony, which involves intricate rituals symbolizing the couple’s new life together.

The reception incorporated both American and Indian customs, with cake-cutting, dancing, and Bollywood and American music. “I loved seeing how happy our families were,” says Patil. “That was the best part.”